Sunday, September 28, 2014

ACARS needs to embrace modern data links using IP

If only ACARS could look beyond VHF and L-Band

For sure, many messages could be cached for transmission after landing.

If only ACARS could route messages based on the category of their content: ATS, AOC, AAC.

If only ACARS could tell how long to take to communicate each message, which might permit a first attempt using an alternative data link, for example Ku or Ka, and still have time to send over L or VHF if unsuccessful.

If only ACARS had an IP interface. Take note I am promoting ICAO doc 9896 for Ku and Ka as a way to show standards based compliance, at least for ATN.

The more interesting applications of embracing a modern data link need to move beyond simple store and forward file transfer, and move into remote management and real time networking into aircraft systems. That will resemble pure firewall and routing with all sorts of bells and whistles.

Don't start with all the scary security replies, of course this is a major factor.

It would be best if we could work towards a common industry vision, and motivate the outliers to migrate towards the light, rather than push the innovators out into the shadows

Peter Lemme

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