Sunday, September 28, 2014

I hate it when my free Internet doesn't work?

Are people more frustrated and vocal with the experience they pay for?

Internet access has an insatiable thirst. 

It's an arms race between applications and data rates. 

Streaming is the greatest challenge, where we keep chasing higher and higher resolutions.

It's a silly proposition unless you can set the expectations, and in particular draw traffic down managed corridors that are responsive, interesting, and light on the bandwidth. 

The best free service is a connected application.

Fair use policies that reward and punish users against expected behavior have to play a role.

Openly reveal the traffic loading to the users so they can appreciate what is going on would help, rather than just pretend everything is always great.

Smartphones are a much better user interface in so many ways...tablets more challenging and laptops are the worst.

Peter Lemme

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