A look back through the Satcom Guru history and experiences, highlighting significant accomplishments and colleagues.

The specifics remain guarded in many cases to proprietary concerns.

Good fortune has led me to working with all-star teams and companies - it takes a village!  My role has been to gather the troops, assess the situation, establish goals, and march to success, while having fun every step of the way!

Starting with the present and looking back:

AEEC Ku/Ka-band Satcom Subcommittee
The Journey to ARINC 791
Testing Ku-band Aero Antennas
Development, Certification, Operation of Cellular Data Modem for Commercial Airplanes
Tenzing Press - Satcom Guru quoted
Avionics Development
Testing Airplane Systems
Data Link Available - the 1990's
Satellite Voice for Air Traffic Control
Thrust Management Systems
Pitch Augmentation Control System