Friday, March 17, 2017

Tom Kraft - Final Clearance

Tom Kraft and Dave Allen share a beer moments after FANS was first certificated by the FAA (1995). 
Not pictured were Tom Twiggs (Boeing project pilot) and 
David Massey-Greene (QANTAS Chief Technical Pilot) on the other end of the table.
Sadly all four are gone
Tom Kraft died yesterday in an accident, at his home looking out on Hood Canal. His tragic passing comes less than a year after retiring from a 30+year career at the FAA, leading air traffic control into the digital age.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Project Paper 848 Draft 1 Released - Secure Broadband IP Air/Ground Interface (SBAGI)

Draft 1 of ARINC Project Paper 848: Secure Broadband IP Air-Ground Interface (SBAGI) has been released by the AEEC Network Infrastructure and Security (NIS) Subcommittee for industry comments.