Sunday, November 20, 2022

Goodbye Twitter - Where to go now?

I have deleted my account on Twitter (satcom_guru).

While I cannot support the platform, I am anxious to support the community that I have grown so fond of.  This is my list of who I enjoyed from hearing from, learned from, or inspired me to jump into a new rabbit hole. This post will be updated frequently.

I intend to stay here on this site, but may also post occasionally at LinkedIn. I am on the fence with Mastodon.

Peter Lemme

Aviations Journalists and Authors

Woodrow Bellamy III

Sean Broderick    

Jamie Freed         

Dominic Gates     

Scott Hamilton     

Henry Harteveldt 

Elan Head             and

Robert Hopkins             Only on twitter: @CobraBall3 or his many books

Jon Hemmerdinger

Alan Levin           

Guy Norris           

Jon Ostrower        

Tim Robinson       and

David Shepardson

Avgeeks, Pilots, Engineers

Trev Clark's Obscure Aviation History    Only on twitter: @clark_aviation

Steve Giordano

Bill Griffith               Only on Twitter: @BilGriffith

Ken Hoke        

Ian Petchenik  

Jason Rabinowitz

Miami Rick               Only on twitter: @miami_rick

Don Thompson         Only on twitter: @GuardedDon


Inflight Entertainment and Connectivity

Mary Kirby     

Seth Miller      

Satellite Communication and Technology

Alan Boyle       

Steve Crowley            Only on Twitter:  @StevenJCrowley

Tim Farrar        

Jeff Foust          

Scott Manley    

Peter B. de Selding

via Satellite       

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